ARH Conservation


Andrew R Hirst
BA Fine Art, MA Conservation
Member of ICON

I am a fully qualified easel paintings conservator with training and experience in the conservation of easel paintings, wall paintings and historic interiors. I have undertaken a wide range of tasks in the field of conservation since I first started training in 1987, from 21st century oil, acrylic and alkyd paintings to medieval wall paintings. I have treated easel paintings dating from the 17th to the 21st century, some sculpture and a range of decorative painted and gilded surfaces.

Through the years I have developed a considerable working knowledge of the modern, ethical science of paint and paintings conservation using a broad spectrum of conservation grade materials and techniques. Through my initial training as an artist (painter) I developed an interest in materials science and took the well-known Chemistry for Conservators course. Training in conservation and restoration studios (dealing with both easel paintings and sculpture) was followed by a Masters degree in the Conservation of Fine Art (easel paintings) at the University of Northumbria, and an internship with the Area Museums Service for South East England.

I have worked both full-time and as a subcontractor for reputable conservation companies as well as increasingly undertaking my own projects. I joined the United Kingdom Institute of Conservation, the Museums Association and the Association of British Picture Restorers many years ago and am currently a member of The Institute of Conservation (ICON). I find conservation is always challenging as no two projects are exactly alike and I am experienced and capable of providing professional quality conservation services.

I have experience of dealing with easel paintings with fire/smoke damage, moisture/water damage, vandalism and accidental damage as well as the accumulated problems of ageing and the natural degradation of materials. I can advise upon and treat collections as well as individual paintings.

I have carried out conservation work for museums, galleries, private clients, insurance companies across the UK and in Europe and for public heritage bodies including the National Trust, English Heritage, Historic Scotland, Cadw and Monuments Historique. Any project undertaken can be accompanied by brief or extensive written and photographic documentation as required.